Pure AI Image- Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Transform Images & Videos.

Introducing Pure AI Image‚Äč - an app utilising the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology, allowing its users to automatically remove unwanted elements from their photographs or videos.

Most people own a smartphone, making it possible for anyone to capture, create and post inspiring content. But we’ve all had near-perfect images ruined by photobombers, a passerby or even rogue wildlife. In the past, it took expensive software to rectify this but thanks to Pure AI Image removing unwanted objects or people from photographs couldn’t be simpler. Pure AI Image utilises the latest artificial technology which completes the entire editing process for you. Users just have to decide where they share their perfected content!

“Sometimes it's impossible to get the perfect shot. Pure AI Image makes it possible for anyone to perfect their photographs, all we need now is the world to know it’s here” - Ray Hudson.

Pure AI Image’s founder, Ray Hudson is an entrepreneur and self-confessed dreamer. There is nothing Ray finds more rewarding than creating innovative ideas and bringing them to life. Ray has always been passionate about travelling but would always face the same problem when it came to his photographs. After spending countless hours attempting to remove unwanted people and objects from his images, Ray decided there had to be a more efficient solution.

With the involvement and expertise of former Google, Tesla and Cisco Tech Developer, Yasha Khandelwal, Pure AI Image was born. Pure AI Image utilises the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology, making it possible for users to make specific objects, people or imperfections disappear from their images or videos.

Pure AI Image’s artificial intelligence technology evaluates images and videos using advanced algorithms which detect how best to replicate the background of a ghosted object.

The nature of AI means that Pure AI Image is constantly learning and developing. Therefore, the more users who upload and process images, the faster and more advanced the technology becomes!

Pure AI Image is currently available in the UK, the US and Poland and can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Google Play.

Download Pure AI Image today and discover how artificial technology can transform your images and videos.

For further information and collateral regarding Pure AI Image then please contact

Download via the App Store.

Download via Google Play.

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